Thorns and Roses
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kaylynn Awkward writer girl
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Revenge is like a rose, sweet, but short-lived.

Thorns and Roses

by kaylynn

Revenge is a tempting fate.

Many of us have a flame burning within us. And it ignites when we or someone we love gets hurt.


Struggles to hold on.

Revenge dangles in front us, baiting. To test our morals.

Revenge is a horrid gratification at seeing those who had hurt their loved ones suffer. It's this ugly need every human harbors within them. It's this nagging voice in our soul, whispering,

"Do it. It'll ease the hurt."

It doesn't.

Revenge brings nothing.

It provides a small, instant rush of relief. But then your heart gets heavy. So heavy with guilt or shame or disappointment at yourself. You are no better than them.

And you're one of the lucky ones to actually feel something.

Others, an emptiness fills them. It'll never be filled. Because once you get your revenge, get that satisfying restitution, a part of you dies.

Revenge is like a rose.

Tantalizing. Beautiful. So tempting to have. But, roses have thorns. Prickly, finger-numbing spikes. There are consequences. There is sacrifice. No one wins. And if you think you have won,

How much of yourself have you lost in the process?

I hope it was worth it.

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