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kaylynn Awkward writer girl
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(Part 1) Two unlikely souls are paired together by a diaper-wearing matchmaker.


by kaylynn

Dear Cupid,

What have you done?! This man- no, boy, is insufferable. Patrick Langston is an arrogant, self-entitled, pompous dog who cares for nothing but his reputation. Why did you match me with him?

Dear Cupid,

So this is the thanks I get for saving your stinky diaper butt? Matched with her? Rebecca Payne. Aka pain in my perfectly sculpted behind. I'm paired with an uptight, stubborn mule? Thanks.

I chuckle, watching from my perch atop the skyscraper.

The two hotheads glare at each other, then glance down at their mobiles, fingers furiously flying over them. My own pings endlessly but I don't bother to look at it. They'll thank me later.

These two are very different,

yet could learn so much from each other. Rebecca is very strict and far too serious. Patrick is too lazy and loose with his morals. They'll balance each other perfectly.

Trust me, I've been at this for a few millenniums.

Couples like these are my favorite. The saying, opposites attract (which I coined but was never credited for) truly applies to these two. They remind me of myself and-

Actually, that's a story for another time.

I chuckle again, shaking my head as the two sworn enemies drift towards each other in grim fascination. No, their story will certainly be one worth telling. I ruffle my wings, readying to leave.

Oh yes, I really am too good at my job.

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