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A meet-cute cliche.

The Office Guy

The fluorescent lights are a strange, muted warmth.

Kameryn glances up at the surprisingly soft lights, quirking a brow as she continues down the unnecessarily long hallway.

"Interesting light choice for an office" She muses inwardly.

She fumbles with a pastel pink sticky note, the messily scrawled directions from her boss to the communications office having helped with finding the seemingly hidden department.

Kameryn passes several empty cubicles and offices, the sense she took a wrong turn growing.

She continues on, peering at the sign above the doorway at the end of the hall. "Communications"

Huh, she must have followed the directions correctly, a first for her.

Kamryn steps through the open doorway, noting the empty offices and cubicles.

'Jeez, was there a memo to go home early today?' She wonders, stepping past a strangely placed pillar.

A young man sits at a cubicle, hunched over the large desk with his back to her. She tugs on her long black sleeves, startling him.

A young man sits at a cubicle, hunched over the large desk with his back to her. She tugs on her long black sleeves, startling him. "Um, excuse me?"

He jerks back, obviously surprised by her presence. He plucks out the earbud that was nestled in his right ear, leaning back in his office chair with a smile.

Kamryn was fine until he looked up at her. His face is remarkably handsome, taking her aback. His appearance seemed rather average, nothing out of the ordinary.

But when he looked up at her, the flush in her cheeks was unexpected and unfamiliar.

"Hi! Uh, what can I do for you?" He asks, almost too eagerly. She smiles back, a sudden shyness causing her to grip her left wrist to hide the slight shake.

"Hi! Well, I'm uh, here to pick up some magazines. For Melody." Kamryn responds, heart leaping as he jumps up from his chair.

"Oh okay, cool. Let me just go look over here." He says, walking past her to go dig around in a cubicle just outside the department's doorway.

Kamryn leans against the solid pillar, trying to keep her composure.

'We interact with attractive people all the time. What the heck is wrong with you?!' She scolds herself.

Her eyes wander over to his desk, noticing the printed school schedule he must have been crouched over. Despite the urge to creep over his schedule, Kamryn keeps herself glued to the pillar.

She leans to the left slightly, noticing a name pinned to the corner of the cubicle wall. Payton -

He rounds the column on her left, a handful of magazines in his grip. Kamryn steps back, reflectively smiling as he dives into another office. She watches him through the frosted glass, digging around.

"How many did you need?" He asks sheepishly, poking his head of the office.

"Oh um...fifteen would be nice?"

He laughs. "Okay, let me see what I can find."

He searches around for several minutes and Kamryn's heart is beating abnormally fast. She sees him disappear under the desk for a moment and she laughs quietly to herself.

Voices drift down the hall as a handful of workers return to their respective spaces.

Payton, the name she has decided to assume is his, walks out from the office just as a woman walks through the doorway Kamryn had come through.

"Hey, do you know if we have any more of this month's issue?" Payton asks, holding up the magazine.

The woman looks up from her phone, humming as she peers at the booklets. "I'm not sure. Who're they for?"

He glances over at Kamryn, who steps forward to say, "Ah, Melody, from Human Services Communications."

The woman clicks her tongue, returning her attention to the phone in her hands. "Well, I can text Eddie to see if we have anymore somewhere. He may have left for the day though..."

"Oh, that's alright. I'll just take what I can to Melody and let her get in contact with him." Kamryn reassures the woman, taking a step towards Payton to take the magazines.

"Yeah, you can come back when we receive the full shipment." She says, turning to walk into her cubicle towards the back of the room.

"Or I could go deliver them, when we get them! What room are you guys in?" Payton directs his question to Kamryn, who's cheeks burn impossibly brighter.

"Nonsense! They can just come get them." The lady says, waving her hand as she dips into her space.

Kamryn smiles so hard, her barely-there dimple reveals itself. Payton holds out the magazines, smiling as well.

"Um, thanks for the offer! And for uh, getting these." She replies, holding the magazines to her chest.

"Uh, yeah. No problem." He says, rubbing his hands together.

"Have a good day!" Kamryn adds, quickly turning around to rush down the hall.

"You-you too!" Payton chimes back, almost prompting her to turn around.

But, her shyness gets the best of her and she hurries down the long hall,

But, her shyness gets the best of her and she hurries down the long hall, heart pounding and smile wide.

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