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Answered your guys' questions!


Where does your amazing connection to nature come from, and how is it that you consistently manage to use said connection to seamlessly integrate it with your emotional symbolism when choosing images? @kevenadams

Um, well, to be honest, it's just happens sometimes! xD I don't have a special process or anything. Sometimes things are just coincidental and work to my advantage. Thank you for being so in-tuned to my writing though!

In regards to my images, I try to pick images that will enhance my words and not detract from them. It can be a challenge and I really appreciate when people take notice! <3

Do you like pineapples on pizza? What inspires your writing and where would you like to yourself, specifically as a writer, go? @stadarooni

I think pineapple is okay! (I personally don't like it, but I do like the sweet flavor it adds on pizza. So...I'm a picker if I have to be lol).

As for my writing, major inspirations are from other people's experiences, songs, other books, a little bit of everything haha! Some things I write are personal or fantasies of mine. I like to keep a mixed bag lol.

I would like to be published one day! A super big dream would be to see a story of mine be produced as a television show or movie. (Of course, I'd have to control everything so that may never happen but who knows! One can dream!)

Would you ever consider publishing your writing? And what kind of music do you enjoy listening to/what are some of your favourite singers/artists? @in

I'm always considering publishing my work! I just have a hard time with needing to "perfect" it and trusting people in the industry lol.

As for music, I am all over the place! Some of my all-time faves would have to be~ X-Ambassadors Aerosmith NF Anson Seabra

My favorite song right now is by Anna Clendening called Dead End.

If you have anymore questions, leave them in the comments and I'll answer them there! Hope you guys enjoyed and stay safe out there! <3

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