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He whispers about a reality outside of society.


Times like these are precious.

I savor the little moments we have together. A simple car ride. The clanging of forks as we devour dinner after a hard day of work. Even the fluttering of a page as we read beside one another.

A romantic drama for me and a superhero comic for him.

But the best times, ones that have my heart fill with so much joy and happiness, are the nights we spend together.

The warmth from his breath as he settles his arm across my waist causes goosebumps to arise. The familiar weight is welcomed, easing my mind into a state of calm serenity.

The biting cold having frosted my fingertips eases away at his nearness. Snuggling closer as he places a slow kiss at the nape of my neck. A sigh of content prompting his low murmur.

"I love you."

The declaration, thrown around so carelessly by others, leaves his lips with a quiet ferociousness. His stoic demeanor has earned him a cold reputation. Yet, in the dead of night, his voice rough with buried emotions, words of affection pour.

"I can't sleep, knowing my time with you is limited." "Lie with me for the rest of time." "My heart is forever yours to hold." "My love, kiss me, slowly."

This is a man no one may ever see, but me. And as selfish as this may seem,

I'm perfectly okay with that.

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