Mistletoe Magic
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A little bit of Christmas love. 💖

Mistletoe Magic

wisps of her hair stick to the sticky gloss applied to her lips. wide eyes risk a blink, the long lashes fluttering. nostrils flare when she glances up.

the hanging mistletoe glistens in the dim lighting. the small hallway bringing them close, closer than they had ever been.

his broad shoulders pin her slim shoulders to the door jam. his dark eyes flare when she licks her lips in nerves. both smile when she detangles the sticky ends of hair from her lips.

carefully, afraid to ruin the moment, he tucks the strands of hair behind her ear. she inhales, finding the familiar cinnamon spice. his scent.

“is it bad to admit i went to great lengths to plan this?” he murmurs, a high blush marking his cheeks.

she leans up, surprising him with a kiss. her hands snake up to the back of his neck, pressing him firmly to her.

after a few moments, they lean back, breathless. resounding applause and hoots from family and friends are a background noise as she says,

“you stupid fool. you don’t need a stupid mistletoe to kiss me. it’s always been you.”

he chuckles, pressing another kiss to her lips despite the hazing from friends.

“i love you.”

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