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kaylynn Awkward writer girl
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Just some fluff ^.^ Enjoy!

Little Things

by kaylynn

The rain courses down the window, a steady stream.

I shift slightly, my toes becoming exposed to the harsh cold. I quickly retract my foot, burrowing into the warm silk sheet. All my movement has the arm banded around my waist tightening.

"Court, it's early. Go back to sleep." He croaks.

Jordan's husky morning voice has me shivering in the most delightful way. My lips pull up in a breathless smile, my voice soft in the silence of our bedroom. "Sorry, the rain woke me."

A thundering boom cracks throughout the room.

The neighborhood dogs harshly bark at the thunder. The bedroom door creaks open, the scratching of nails trotting over the hardwood floors. My six year old golden retriever, Max, licks my nose.

I giggle, pushing away his nozzle with a hand.

He jumps, nicking me with his too long nails. I squeal, pushing myself back on a sleepy Jordan. He groans and I pet Max's head, cooing. "Aw baby. Come on up next to mama."

He scrambles up, heaving a sigh as he curls into me.

The faint whiff of wet dog encircles us and has Jordan groaning again, burying his face in my mane of messy hair. His voice is muffled as he says, "Court, he stinks. Kick him off."

"Okay." I respond, sending a kick to his muscular leg.

"Off." He shouts, almost falling off the queen sized bed. He retaliates with the brush of his fingers against my ribs, eliciting breathless laughs from me. I squirm, causing Max to jump off.

"Look at what you made me do!" I laugh, trying to push him.

"Eh, he'll be back. For now though, I have you all to myself." Jordan muses, drawing me to his bare chest. My own is slightly heaving beneath the plain t-shirt I'm wearing.

He tucks a wild curl away, gazing at me.

His lightly colored eyes evoke goosebumps on my arms. A content smile settles along his plump lips, causing one to spread along my own lips. My head rests against his muscled arm, warming my face

I bring a hand to his cheek, watching as he leans into it.

I rub my thumb along his scruffy cheek, enjoying the rough feel. His eyes become hooded as he leans down, knocking my forehead with his. Our noses graze each other, expressing their love.

I lick my bottom lip, my heart melting.

This, this is why I'm so grateful to be alive. Moments like these have me brimming with so much love for this man, that it scares me. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

"I love you Jordan." I whisper.

A deep emotion crosses Jordan's eyes, before his presses his lips to mine gently, conveying his own feelings. I close my eyes, savoring his kiss. After a moment, he pulls away, locking gazes.

"I love you Court. Now and forever."

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