Leslie's Loss
Leslie's Loss cry stories

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She shrivels from sorrow.

Leslie's Loss

She softly sighs as the lock snicks in place.

Down the hall, a burst of laughing and chatter echoes.

She grips the rounded knob beside her hip, the white jersey robe swishing.

The tight reign of her emotional state is loosening,

the crack beginning to expand.

The distressed welling of her tears and thickening of her throat are impossible to control.

A knock sounds. Then, his voice.

"Leslie, darlin'? You okay?"

She quickly covers her mouth, catching the sob of sorrow.

He knocks again.

"Hon? You're missing the cake!"

She collapses heavily against the door, keeping a tight grasp of the knob as he begins to jiggle it.

"Les? You're missing the reveal!"

"It's blue! It's blue!" She hears them chanting.

Leslie's face is tracked in a torrent of tears.

The beautifully done curls in her auburn hair are tangled and flatten. The immaculate make-up is smeared with salty tears and snotty mucus.

He bangs on the door.




Let me in!


She lolls her head, exhaustion settling deep in her bones. The white robe is stained red, the pooling blood remains of her child.

Her baby boy.

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