june 8th
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kaylynn Awkward writer girl
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for you.

june 8th

i've never met anyone like you.

i thought i had, a couple times. i thought i could make it work.

but the other shoe always fell. something came between. i couldn't reciprocate. i couldn't keep chasing.

but with you- i'm not looking for the other shoe. i'm not chasing. i'm definitely reciprocating.

time has been short. but not your sincerity. nor your honesty. or intensity.

i've never met anyone like you.

so grounded in reality. wanting to exist with me. wanting to- be with me.

me. i'm not treated as convenient, left as only a dream, befitting to your scheme.

me. you treat me so gently, wanting me to be happy, and that’s what makes me fall madly.

i’ve never met anyone like you.

sincerely, -someone who likes you

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