Fallen (Part Three)
Fallen (Part Three) dark stories

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Be sure to reread parts 1&2 if you’ve forgotten!

Fallen (Part Three)

"Well. This is just peachy."

Dagger ignores Lilith's sarcastic remark, unlatching the chest strap on his slim daypack. He holsters his guns, readjusting the pack to his front.

Lilith frowns, then glares when he turns to look down at her. He pulls the bandana down to reveal a scruff she has never seen on him before.

She covers her mouth to trap the giggle wanting to break free.

'Let the world turn to shit and the man will grow a beard.' She internally taunts, snapping to attention when he grasps her arms.

"The only way out is up." Dagger says, as if that's explanation enough for what has to happen.

"No." Lilith's voice is barely a whisper, the agony and paralyzing fear unsettling Dagger. He always thought he'd be the first to be broken by this cruel reality. Lilith wasn't supposed to be...


The rotten front door caves, the clambering of diseased, dead bodies filling the entryway. Dagger doesn't hesitate, knowing they'll be trapped in mere seconds.

He pulls Lilith against his chest, ignoring her shouted protests.

A pair of frosted alabaster, feathered wings morph from Dagger's shoulders. He propels them through the roofing, leaving the screaming dead below.

Lilith clings to his frame, shaking from the after-dusk chill.

They travel for some time and as each mile grows, so does Lilith's temper. By the time they land, in some woodland area several miles from the suburban neighborhood, Lilith loses it.

"You are such a fucking ignoramus! I already have a target on my back and you sprouting your wings like some kind of teenage-"

"Lilith. Why are you here?" Dagger interrupts, tucking his wings in close as he folds his arms.

At some point during the flight, he had lost his sunglasses, so his blazing eyes bore into her own. The swirls of amber and ruby red visibly burn with frustration and anger.

"For Silas. I'm here for Silas."

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