Fallen (Part Five)
Fallen (Part Five) fallen stories

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Hope you guys enjoy! A special project will hopefully come out of the next part!! Stay tuned!

Fallen (Part Five)

"This is what I have become. This is what I have always been."

Dagger stares up at the Lilith he tried to save. Her seething fangs, dripping with saliva. Her blazing cerulean eyes, wildly unfocused and dilated.

Her ash stained horns, pointed and curled towards one another.

Lilith's talons prick his neck, drawing beads of blood to drip along the sharp nail. Dagger releases a breath, hardly feeling the deepening puncture.

"Lilith. You have never been this. You will never be this." He whispers roughly, brushing his hand against her thigh.

"You don't scare me. I know you."

Tears of frustration gather in her burning eyes. The raw truth shining from Dagger's eyes softens the hardest part of her.

Her tight grip disappears, the quick distancing between them allowing for each to recover.

Lilith returns to her human state, while Dagger wraps his bandana around his neck to stem the stream of blood. A heartbeat passes between them.

The weight of the past and future rests heavily in the present silence.

"Lil," Dagger says, the name sparking an intimacy that she refuses to give in to, "you aren't what Silas made you. The deal he struck- you had no choice.

He took the love you have for him and used it to his advantage."

"Had. The love I had for him." Lilith clarifies, looking up at the man she has always loved, "And we all know it wasn't that kind of love."

The air sparks from the unspoken tension and deeply buried attraction. Lilith and Dagger were never meant to be together.

Long ago, when the trio had been apart of the A.F.A., she had been promised to Silas as a bargaining chip between families.

The division between brothers became palpable. Then things became exceptionally complicated.

"Why are you here for him, Lil?"

"I'm here to destroy him before he can destroy me."

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