Cross Roads
Cross Roads journey stories

kaylynn Awkward writer girl
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Life's a journey. It's up to you what kind.

Cross Roads

by kaylynn

I have a dilemma.


I have many masks.

The smart, straight a student. The witty, abrasive teen girl. The mature, calculated woman. Then,

The overemotional, profound writer.

I feel my best and most comfortable when I'm writing. I can share whatever I feel and not have any of these other labels attached to me. I can write what I want and be me.

A young girl trying navigate the impossible journey,

known as life. So, for my dilemma,

I am everything and anything.

I am what I want to be.

Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Don't live up to a stereotype or someone's expectation of you. You set the standard.

So, when you are at a crossroad,

Don't take the given paths.

Create your own.

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