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kaylynn Awkward writer girl
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Promises are full of hope, which is sometimes all we need.


by kaylynn

She holds the ring between her fingers, shaking slightly.

"For someday." He had said, a playful yet hopeful smile tugging his lips. Never. She could never make such a promise. She was...her. He was...too good to be true. Too good for her.

Daddy said he'd be home.

That he would make it in time for my birthday. That the big, scary pool couldn't keep him from me. Mommy said he wouldn't be here though. She said he was with the angels now. He promised.

You intertwine your old, weathered hands.

The love of your life passed before you. It was always going to be together, or you first. But you never factored in cancer. Stage four cancer at that. But you promised. Together or never.

See, that's the thing with a promise.

We commit to the impossible. Or we don't commit at all, too afraid of the consequences that can and will happen. We can't let fear hold us back though. And sometimes it is impossible, but

the glorious thing is, a promise offers hope.

And without hope,

We have nothing.

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