Cold Connection
Cold Connection collide stories

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They collide with a chilling intensity.

Cold Connection

The impact was jarring. Unexpected. Painful.

Not at all how it is in the movies. Nor the books. It was gross. Gritty. Raw.

His messenger bag had checked her hard in the stomach, no doubt several bruises itching to arise.

Her hot beverage stained his cream colored sweater, no doubt scalding on his bare hands.

Both umbrellas had been knocked into the dirty puddles, the sheets of rain unforgiving.

Despite the bone-chilling weather, ruined clothing, and bodily injuries, they couldn't escape the buzzing intensity of a connection.

Her gaze was locked on the damping hair, wondering if the hue of blond was real. His gaze was pinned to her widening eyes, curious as to how many tints of blue he could identify.

"Sorry." She rasps, hustling past his large frame as reality floods back.

He stands alone, watching the young woman disappear in the crowd accumulating from the ending of classes.

He glances down, noticing the brightly colored umbrella left by his own, puddling with rain water.

Despite the cold settling in his chest, a ray of warmth eases the disappointed curiosity.

"Or maybe it's the scalding tea staining my sweater", he ponders silently, grinning as he reaches for both umbrellas.

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