A Letter to You
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kaylynn Awkward writer girl
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It only gets harder from here.

A Letter to You

Oh honey,

Enjoy this birthday.

The pretty princess cake along with the surprise trip to Disneyland. Turning the big 1-0 is intense.

But, life then was simple, even though you don't realize that.

Life changes in ways you never thought it would.

You begin to hate playing with Barbies. All you want to do is read.

Your body begins to change in ways you don't want it to. Bras and pads become the norm.

You read to cope with these changes, trying to find a character who you identify with.

You begin writing. You meet him through that.

You waste 10 months, doing things you know aren't right.

But that's okay, you learn.

You learn about anxiety, when you almost lose both of your parents. You learn about anger, when you find out he used you. You learn about loneliness, when they outcast you.

You learn to live with a liar. You learn how to deal with death. You learn how to become someone you love.

In the process, you lose all your "friends". You are labeled a racist. You are looked down upon because of your gender.

You face struggles, but always remember, that it could be worse.

So, little ten year old me, blow out those candles and enjoy your cake.

You are going to lose almost all of it,

You are going to lose almost all of it, before gaining everything.

Stay strong little one.

Stay strong little one. Love, A Happier You

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