A Denied Existence
A Denied Existence men stories

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They love through the shadows.

A Denied Existence

They stare at one another. In disbelief. Shock. With relief.

"Do you know this man?"

"Do you know this man?" "Do you know this woman?"



It began within a dream. She was lying in a meadow, legs kicking in the air as she read. He was perched in a tree, legs swinging in the air as he stared.

They didn't know each other. They were forbidden to interact. It was how things had always been.

She'd only read about boys. He'd only heard about girls.

He drops from the tree. She glances up from the book.

Their eyes lock. And centuries of memories flow between each other.

For years, this dream reoccurred. But each time, their appearances changed.

Young and naive childish features. Old and wrinkled elderly features. Harden and sharp mid-age features.

But they recognized each other every time.

Until, one day, this dream became a reality.

It was a brisk morning. She had grown into an exceptional young woman. With the tenderness of a mother and the kindness of a child. He had grown into an exceptional young man. With the strength of a warrior and the honor of a man.

She was walking her usual path, through the woods and past the creek to town. He was running, disobeying his father's rule of never crossing the line dividing the two worlds.

He was sick of listening to a man who had done nothing but berate and beat him. To make him into a "fine man". He wanted to keep his emotions. He didn't want to lose his humanity.

They collided.

Her breath leaving in a surprised huff. His breath taken away by her.

The dirt path, traveled by few, became theirs. But then they became careless. Someone saw them. Ratted.

And here they were, locked in a room, forced to acknowledge one another.

"What is he to you?" "What is she to you?"



"What is your name?" "What is your name?"

"I am Me."

"I am You."

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