I Wonder
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kayleej_wn Community member
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A little poem wondering what the earth could have been.

I Wonder

As I sit here,

Waves lapping quietly before me,

Wind cooling my skin,

The sun has started to leave it's red marks,

I wonder.

I wonder, what if we were never here?

What if humans never scared this beauty?

I wonder why we thought we had that right,

I wonder why we still do.

The water inches, slowly towards me, as the sun starts to set.

Sending oranges and reds to fight over the sky,

Mixing, churning, a beautiful war.

In the distance, I see the moon peeking out,

A soft white crescent over miles of blue,

And I wonder,

What if we had let the First Nations be?

With their respect for this land,

And their faith in what it provides.

What if we had taken their path?

I wonder how we would see the earth.

I wonder what animals would still walk among us.

Would there be this white crescent over these miles of blue?

The edges of this painting cut off by towering concrete walls

What about the battle in the sky that red has seemed to win yet again?

And the planes criss crossing, destroying the picture

What colors would I see from this spot, or any other?

A wave pushes its way towards me as a ship begins to dock.

People shouting,

breaking the silence that had fallen.

A serene peace shattered,

a lonely fragment of calm, pierced, and lost

I wonder,

How would the beaches be if we hadn't shaped them?

How would wild life thrive if we hadn't hunted it?

Would we still see buffalo roaming free across the plains?

Or coral reefs thrumming with life?

Would we still enjoy the beauty and magic of spirit bears all across BC?

But of course there's no way to know.

These wonders I have, are only passing, thoughts I ponder while sitting,

Somewhere like this.

With the water gently moving back and forth,

Pushing its way further than before.

Only to roll back down into itself.

Trying again, and again,

But everything falls.

And eventually we will too.

We push and pull changing everything around us

But eventually it will break,

And I wonder what we'll do then.

I wonder who will survive

I wonder if we'd change

Hair rises across my arms from the breeze turning cold

The sun now too low to warm me I shiver,

Red had won against Orange but black conquers all

And still I sit here, my thoughts wild with wonders

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