Thoughts on Love on a DTLA Summer Day
Thoughts on Love on a DTLA Summer Day yearning stories

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This is What the City Makes Me Think About

Thoughts on Love on a DTLA Summer Day

I wanted to unwind

I wanted to feel the flangrancy of decided nonchalance

I want to flap in fragrant winds on a summer day in LA

The non-wind winds irreverently and doesn't help my hesitancy

I wanted to unwind

But you are my kind you just don't know it

The city is mine and I'm timid with unfamiliarity

I carve out my chunk and nosh my dribblings like a child who'll never eat again

I'm fed. Fat from hedonistic pie. Belly drips over my belt sloppily. But I'm still pretty.

I'm your muse and you can't help but lie that you're amused by my indiscretion

Your first impression was one we'll recount for decades if I stay around long enough to see

You'll be, you'll be, whatever you want to be. To be with me, is an art

Just as dying. I'll kill your ego and resurrect you again. You'll come alive with some sort of city wind

Blowing inside

You cannot be guided.

Just wide eyed. If you choose. I'm already amused.

Either way I'll thank you for making me think--blind gratitude.

This city is mine and you're my fave.

But I'll go to my grave, before I ever let the cracks in the pavement

Dictate my stride

I'm obliged to be alive

Alive in 2018, in a city that's mine. With a man that's mine if he has half the mind.

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