I find it sexy...
I find it sexy... poetry stories

kayjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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thinking about past, present and future and here we are. i guess its a love letter

I find it sexy...

In my recent journeys of self discovery, I have discovered what sexy really means, To Me, A trans masc, non-binary, bi-sexy, fuckup.

So you can keep your, Ass or tits, arms or thighs, back or shoulders , To yo selves!

Nah nah nah nah I'm serious.

You wanna know whats sexy? You know what sexy really is? Let me tell you...

Sexy is holding my hand in public without being ashamed or scared,

I want you to take hold of my hand and grip tight, Let me know that if the ground where to fall from beneath my feet ... that you'd be there to catch me.

But I get it, I'm not a the conventional male/female binary So wether they're staring at our hands, Or staring trying to work out my gender markings,

Thats still staring... right? So why not cut out a variable, So maybe they wont stare... At you.

Sexy is also using my pronouns... In front of your parents

Fuck it, Sexy is correcting your parents on my pronouns!

Baby let me know you value me, that you see me, and respect me.

Shower me in that gender euphoric, painfully awkward silence that follows- "Actually its 'they'"

Because as much as they "Don"t get it" or "Won't get it" At least you'll have tried.

Sexy is seeing me as more than my body, And lookI totally get it I got thick thighs for days, but...

When you see my sexy In my humour and quirks, In my intelligence and love, In my mess and madness,

When you see past the pre op talk and dysphoric dysphoria, When you see past it all and just see me...

DAMN BABY- THATS fucking sexy

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