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kayjohnstone Queer poet with a lot on their mind
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a little happiness in the vault of darkness that is my writing... remember...You Are Beautiful x


by kerryjohnstone

Be proud of who you are, Be proud of your body, No matter who you are...

Be it big, small, short, tall, round, curvy average, skinny, straight, gay, tattooed or pierced

Be it Big tits, small tits, big dick, small dick, dicks and tits in a all shapes and sizes

From every freckle to blemish Love very birth mark and scar. Just Love your self.

Don’t let anyone tell you other wise because you are beautiful


I know you are because every body was made uniquely and uniqueness is beautiful I will shout it from Everest if I have to just let the world hear... you are beautiful.

Tell it to your self everyday.

Whisper it to the mirror let it know you won’t be distorted,

Tell it to the egos who look to push you down as you walk the high street with your head held high because you will not be oppressed.

Yell it from the roof tops to a world who tried to turn you into Barbie. Don't let this world tell you that you have to be a Barbie doll figurine perfect and pristine

Pass the word on spread it like wild fire… You are beautiful!

Tell people you meet that they are beautiful

Tell your family your mother, your father, sister, brother.

Tell your friends let them know they are loved,

Tell your lover in the unexpected moments, they are beautiful!

Nothing can tell me other wise. Men, women and other, of all shapes, sizes, sex, gender, and colour.

you are beautiful from head to toe Make sure every one knows...

You are beautiful!

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