New at Ericson: Part 6
New at Ericson: Part 6 twdgclementine stories

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The kids laugh once again. AJ enters the room. AJ: What's so funny?

New at Ericson: Part 6

The kids laugh once again. AJ enters the room.

AJ: What's so funny?

CLEMENTINE: Nothing, kiddo. We're just telling funny stories to each other.

AJ: Why? That doesn't make any sense.

LOUIS: Just to make each other laugh. Tell us something funny, little man!

AJ: This is something that Aasim told Ruby: "Your mother is so fat that when she pulled up at KFC, the cashier asked her what sized bucket of chicken she wanted.

AJ (cont): And she said, the one on the roof.

The kids burst into laughter.

CLEMENTINE: Alright, time for bed.

LOUIS: Okay, good night everyone!

CLEM, AJ & KAYE: Good night!

Louis waves and closes the door. Clementine tucks AJ into bed and kisses him good night. Kayeleigh bucks with Clem. Violet enters the room.

VIOLET: Just came in to say good night.

KAYELEIGH: Good night.


VIOLET: 'Night.

Violet leaves and closes the door behind her.

CLEMENTINE: So, how do you like Ericson so far, Kayeleigh?

KAYELEIGH: It's gonna take some getting used to, but with you and Louis here, I think it's gonna be okay.

CLEMENTINE: Yeah, it gets better. This is not my original home, either. When I was little, I lived in a white house near Atlanta. I loved living there.

KAYELEIGH: What was your favorite thing about living there?

CLEMENTINE: I remember so much about that house, that I can't pick just one thing. Every Saturday, my dad would get up early to make pancakes for all of us, and I would get up early to help.

CLEMENTINE (cont.): The look on my mother's face as she sat down at the table as we laid out the pancakes and orange juice. We were all happy then...

Clem becomes silent, remembering her parents.

KAYELEIGH: You miss them. Don't you, Clem?

CLEMENTINE: Very much, especially my mom.

KAYELEIGH: I miss my mom, too.

CLEMENTINE: Is she alive?

KAYELEIGH: Yes, she alive.

CLEMENTINE: What does she do for a living?

KAYELEIGH: She works at a hotel and a restaurant. Food service.

CLEMENTINE: What about your dad?

KAYELEIGH (sadly): I don't know much about my dad. I've never even met him. All I know is that he's an artist.

CLEMENTINE (shocked): You've never met your father?

KAYELEIGH: Not in person. You see, he was in prison for robbery for much of my life.

He would always write letters to me, and I would write him back, He sent me a christmas present from jail, which was kind of cool. He would call me, and everything.

He greeted me the same way every time, saying, "Hey, Sweetheart. How are you doing?" He would always tell me that he loved me.

CLEMENTINE: But do you love him?

KAYELEIGH: Yes, Clem. I do. I love him to the moon and back.

CLEMENTINE: What about your grandma?

KAYELEIGH: She did a lot for me. She would make the best chocolate chip cookies, the best blueberry muffins, and the absolute best strawberry cream pie.

CLEMENTINE: Strawberry Cream Pie? Never heard of that. How do you make it?

KAYELEIGH: My grandmother would buy a premade graham cracker crust, and in a bowl she would mix up some whipped cream with strawberry jello and actual strawberries. No baking needed.

Just put it in the fridge for it to firm up a little. Sometimes, she would make an extra batch of the filling and put some in a bowl for me to eat. I typically do not like crust.

CLEMENTINE: Don't like the crust?! But that's what makes it a pie! I respect your opinion, but that surprised me a little.

KAYELEIGH: Yeah, it's one of my favorite desserts.

CLEMENTINE: What was another dessert that you absolutely love?

KAYELEIGH: Fudge Brownies with Vanilla Ice Cream! Once, I made brownie cupcakes. I put some of the brownie batter into cupcake liners, so we wouldn't have to cut out crappy looking squares.

CLEMENTINE: What did you do with the rest of the brownie batter?

KAYELEIGH: I put it in a little yellow bowl and ate it!

CLEMENTINE: Raw brownie batter... that had to give you a stomach ache.

KAYELEIGH: Not really, it just made me hyper and I stayed up all night.

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