New at Ericson : Part 1
New at Ericson : Part 1 the walking dead stories

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Kayeleigh gets shot by Violet and is sent to Ericson School. Based on the characters from TellTale's "The Walking Dead Season 4."

New at Ericson : Part 1

A gunshot is heard.

VIOLET: OH MY GOD! I think I shot someone!

CLEMENTINE: I'll go and see. Cover for me, and slay more walkers. I'll let you know on what you shot... Violet, come here. Hurry!

Violet rushes to Clementine, who is kneeling next to a 17 year old girl.

VIOLET: I DID shoot someone! Oh, fuck!

Louis, Ruby, Aasim and Brody hears Violet's cries.

LOUIS: What happened? (He looks down at the girl) Oh, shit! We need to get her to school, and fast. Before it's too late!

VIOLET: (sobbing) OH MY GOD, Louis! Don't say that!

RUBY: It's not your fault, Violet. It was all an accident. Listen, hon. We'll be back at the school to sort all of this out. Just don't worry too much.

VIOLET: Alright. I'll try, I'll listen to you for once.

Louis lifts the 17 year old girl into his arms, and is carried to Ericson Boarding School for Troubled Youth, followed by the other kids.

LOUIS: Where should we put her?

CLEMENTINE: Put her in my dorm, on my bed.

RUBY: Clem is right. We need to look at, clean and bandage that gunshot wound. And we need to do it fast.

The girl is carried into Clementine and AJ's dorm, and was rested on Clem's bunk. Ruby assesses the wound, and finds the bullet. She also looks the girl over for walker bites. None were found.

RUBY: I need a pair of tweezers to get the bullet out. Then, I'll need peroxide to clean the wound, and some of that linen gauze. Clem, Louis and I will get those. Violet, stay with the girl.

VIOLET: Okay, I will.

RUBY: Remember, Vi. It's not your fault.

Ruby, Clementine and Louis exits the room, leaving Violet with the girl. Violet sits there, her hands covering her face.

VIOLET (To Herself): Why did I shoot her?! Ruby told me not to blame myself, but here I am! Sitting here, alone, blaming myself. I feel so fucking stupid!

Ruby and Clementine returned about 10 minutes later with the much needed supplies.

RUBY: Is everything okay?

VIOLET: I don't know, she's still not awake. I think she's dead!

RUBY: She's not dead. I made sure that she was breathing before I looked at the wound. She'll be alright as long as she gets the care that she needs.

Ruby takes the tweezers and successfully removes the bullet from the girl's shoulder.

The wound is then cleaned with a clean cloth soaked with peroxide, and is properly dressed with a linen gauze.

RUBY: There, that should do it for now. The wound should heal on it own. Luckily, she was not bitten by any of the walkers. We should let her rest now, but someone needs to stay with her.

CLEMENTINE: I'll stay.

VIOLET: Me too. I feel real fucked up from shooting her and all.

CLEMENTINE: Ruby said not to worry too much, because it happened on accident.

RUBY (to Clementine): Cheer her up, Clem. When the girl wakes up, let me know.


Ruby leaves the room and shuts the door behind her.

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