Fantasies under the bed sheets
Fantasies under the bed sheets romance stories

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Short romantic story between a girl and a boy from parallel worlds. Their consciousness has a connection, but they have no memories of each other.

Fantasies under the bed sheets

I go around my day normally. At night, I create a different world for myself. Whilst feeling lonely I start a story that goes like this...

There is a presence of somebody else in my body. Sometimes my body moves when another voice in my head tells it to. Especially my eyes.

I've noticed these things, but proceeded with life without telling anybody. One night I decide to meditate. At first my plan wasn't to explore within myself but to relax and just try it out.

But I felt that mysterious feeling of knowing someone was there and I managed to follow the traces of this presence, as if walking behind somebody. It led me into another body.

This body is different from my own - because it is a mans body. He is unaware that I am with him, or at least I think so. I used his eyes to see the surroundings.

He is in a beautiful garden with walls and ceiling made of glass. From a distance - I see his reflection in the glass, beyond which there is no light. Only darkness.

He is smiling at me, gently and carefully, full of happiness that I am there.

This scares me and I go back to my own body. He looked familiar. Long dark hair and piercing green eyes. I remember him being my invisible friend when I was a child.

But he looked little back than. I guess he grew up as well.

Tomorrow, I shake it off as a dream. I meditate again the following night. The same thing happens, only this time I find him laying a very soft couch in his bedroom.

He is reading a book with letters I never saw before. He puts the book away and then lets go of all control over his body to me.

In first seat of invisible manual panel I see through his eyes, feel a breeze on my face and sink even deeper in his soft couch.

I raise my arms in the air and touch one with the other with curiousity. I can feel everything I feel in my own body.

Ten nights from the first experience I see a great deal of his world of strange looking plants and animals, strange buildings and get to hear his language.

It's not vocalised but rather work as I would describe - signals transmitted through the air and transformed into mesagess once received.

I went to sleep earlier just to experience it again and again, but when he tried to follow me back I would stop him. I didn't allow his consciousness into my body again as I was scared.

He understood and was very patient during my visits.

50 or so nights after - I longed to stay with him forever. I was having troubles at home and this whole experience, real or not, made me feel better.

I didn't feel so alone anymore and so I asked him if it was possible for me to stay with him.

He told me that with time and effort I could teleport through the space and time because of our connection. He explained to me that an awaken soul can travel and make it's own body.

Years went by and he visited me several times since he already learned how to teleport. I had to hide him away from other people because of how strangely he acted.

When I finally succeded I had many more troubles in his world but I conquered them and reincarnated to do it all again.

Our connection remained strong through each rebirth. No matter how far, we found each other again and again.

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