Mafuyu x Uenoyama "Come here..."
Mafuyu x Uenoyama "Come here..." given stories

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"...Mafuyu was wholeheartedly accepting of this and melted into him, deepening the kiss and lingering in that place..."

Mafuyu x Uenoyama "Come here..."

Uenoyama heard a whimper and a sniffle from the sleeping mat beside his bed where Mafuyu was sleeping for the night.

Knowing he was thinking about Yuki again, he placed his hand on Mafuyu's shoulder, pulling it gently towards him. Mafuyu turned over reluctantly, hands covering his face flushed in pink.

"Come here..."

Ue suggested and Mafuyu obliged, climbing into bed next to him, pushing his face into Ue's chest and unleashing a barrage of tears as he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and clenched tightly onto his shirt.

Ue reached down every few minutes to quietly wipe the tears away until they both fell asleep.


Sunshine floated through the windows of Ue's room, resting across the covers and warming their bodies. Ue opened his eyes to look at the clock which read 7:29 AM.

He quickly reached up to turn off the alarm before it went off at 7:30 so it wouldn't wake Mafuyu up. Unfortunately his movement was enough to make him stir anyways.

"Mmph..." Mafuyu huffed as he nuzzled deeper into Ue's neck making him blush from above. Then surprisingly, Mafuyu took a deep breath and let it out in a blissful sigh.

"I wonder if he's feeling better this morning..." Ue wondered as he let Mafuyu's body melt into his so much that if they were any more intertwined they'd be one cohesive person.

Just then, Mafuyu tilted his head up just a little and planted the tiniest kiss right on his adam's apple. Ue's whole head turned red as his chest became tighter and tighter.

"How is he THIS cute!?" Ue thought to himself, wondering if he was still asleep or not.

Mafuyu placed his ear further down on Ue's chest and said, "Ritsuka..." (causing a tiny explosion of endorphins upon hearing his first name) "your heart started beating faster..."

Between Mafuyu's soft, angelic voice and all the tiny kisses and noises that were made up to that point, Ue's heart was about to burst into flames.

"Well..." Ue tried to explain, "I just...really...l-love you..." He proclaimed for the first time as he swallowed hard. Mafuyu sighed and smiled, tightening his arms around Ue in a hug.

"Fuck...I can't take this...I hope I'm not overstepping but..." Ue thought as he slid his hands along Mafuyu's face, lacing his fingers in his messy hair and planted a gentle kiss on his lips.

Mafuyu was wholeheartedly accepting of this and melted into him, deepening the kiss and lingering in that place.

Ue started unknowingly grinding his leg in between Mafuyu's and he reciprocated by introducing something new into their intimate lives: his tongue.

He slid his tongue into Ue's mouth which obviously surprised him but he wasn't pulling away either. His eyes popped open for a second and Mafuyu's stayed closed as he giggled.

Ue had never french kissed anyone before... "Like this..." Mafuyu said as he gently brushed the tip of his tongue along Ue's lips like he was licking the frosting off a cupcake.

"Sato..." Ue breathed headily as his hand meandered towards Mafuyu's butt, tongue slicking its way around and exploring its new territory.

Suddenly, Mafuyu flipped around so he was hovering over Ue and pinning him to the bed. Hearing his first name secretly drove him crazy in all the best ways.

He looked Ue in the eyes, the dust and sun rays flitting off his eyelashes...and finally replied: "I love you too."

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