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It was midnight. Sam and his friends have been walking down the road to their homes. Their exams were just over and they partied the whole night.

While walking they saw a hooded man walking past them. He was tall man with heavy shoulders and looked as if he had a beard. Sam didn't care much and he moved on.

Later when he and his friends reached the end of the road to part ways, Sam noticed that there was a man lying on the road. He was lying as if he was trying to hide something from them.

Sam decided to call him , so he turned him sideways but to his shock,

the man lying on the ground was his watchman, murdered in cold blood, with his throat slit open. Sam got frightened and called his friends.

"Someone did this in the middle of the night , so that nobody could get their attention" thought Sam.

They first took him to the hospital but it was too late, the doctor said that the body was dead for at least one hour after the incident.

This incident shocked Sam and he decided to report this incident to the police station. But before he could call the police , his phone rung up . He picked it up and said -

"Hello?" said Sam

"Sam, am i right?" said the caller

"YES" - after this Sam was a little worried

"Do not inform about this to police or your family will be our next target" saying this the caller went off.

Sam was terrified. Who was this man and how did he got his number? How does he know his family?

He felt as if he was in constant surveillance. He thought that only one could know this much about him who is the closest to him.

Sam went home with his friends, without informing his friends or his family.

Next morning, he devised of a plan. He would continuously watch the activities of those who came to their house

First came the house keeper. He was an average guy of 20 years old with no beard. Next came the newspaper seller. He was a little bit short and was bald.

Both of them did not show any unusual activity. This was not the thing Sam was hoping for as his main suspects ( he thought) were these two.

"Perhaps waiting a little bit more may give me my answer" Sam thought

Next came the new watchman. Sam was surprised. Who appointed this guy? On being asked, his parents told him that all this was his uncle's doing. He loved his uncle more than anybody.

He was tall, had a beard with heavy shoulders. Sam knew that if this was uncle's planning, there must be some reason.

The watchman was average guy with bulky shoulders and broad chest with a beard all around his face. Sam thought to keep an eye on him.

During the day, he would talk not much but he would always discuss something with his uncle in whispers.

Perhaps he did not want that to be leaked. Later that night, Sam thought to keep a watch on the watchman but he had to go to his bed as his body was not giving anymore.

Just as he is about to hit his bed, he heard the scream of his watchman.

He rushed to his aid and this time around , even his parents got awake , the watchman got a cut on his back,but unfortunately the attacker escaped.

Now he thought it was the right time to inform to the police

Later that night at the police station, the police told that their were similar attacks like these done by a hooded man.

On questioned , the police said that he was a tall guy with a beard on his face and also had heavy shoulders

By the time, he heard it , Sam told him that it was the same guy , he met on the day of the murder of his previous watchman.

Hearing this the new watchman agreed , saying it was the same man who attacked him.

Suddenly , he realized that his uncle was not here. During the incident, he completely forgot about his uncle.

He knew that the scream was loud enough to wake up even a person who is in deep slumber. On reaching home, he found his uncle nowhere, only a letter was left, saying , "hope you have a long life"

His uncle had left before they arrived.

Now Sam only had one question -


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