When Will She Learn
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There was a girl in a orphanage. Girl: "Why am I always the one to be left out?"

When Will She Learn

There was a girl in a orphanage.

Girl: "Why am I always the one to be left out?"

Girl: "I mean all I did was....."

There was a knock on the door, she was quiet.

Girl: "Who is it?"

Guy: "None of your business let me in!"

Girl: "Why should I let you in if I don't know you?"

Guy: "Let me in or else!"

Girl: "Or else what?"

She heard a shot, a gunshot and the door suddenly opened.

Guy: "Come out, come out wherever you are."

Girl: "Wh-why should I your just going to shoot me."

Guy: "Of course not, I just want to talk to you about something."

Girl: "I'll only trust you if you put down the gun."

Guy: "Ok I put down the gun."

The girl heard a thump so she made sure that he put it down.

Girl: "Ok i'll come out but you have to close your eyes."

Guy: "Fine."

The guy closed his eyes then said...

Guy: "You can come out now."

Girl: "I came out already."

The guy opened his eyes and saw her.

Guy: "Ok police you can come in and take her!:

Girl: "What why you lied to me why would you do that."

Guy: "I'm just doing my job. Take her away!"

She got taken to a cop car and they pushed her in and slammed the door shut.

Girl: "Why would you do this? I am only 12 years old!"

Cops: "You did very bad things and now your going to pay."

Girl: "But all I did was....

Cops: "Shut up we know what you did."

When they got to the police station she started crying.

Girl: "I want to go back to the orphanage."

Cops: "No you can't!"

Girl: "All I did was!"

Cops: "JUST SHUT UP!!!!"

The girl started crying even harder. Then heard a gunshot she felt pain and then saw dark she was left in the dark again. Her last words "All I did was nothing.

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