"Gems For Your Pocket" A poem for my son. By: Katya Block
"Gems For Your Pocket"

A poem for my son.

By: Katya Block

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little gems about life.

"Gems For Your Pocket" A poem for my son. By: Katya Block

These are some gems for your pocket...just some things I have found. I sought these out, not made-up - just not plucket from the ground. They are from me, your mom to you, my son - don't you see? So that someday you can become the best person you can be.

Unconditional love is what you will already have... I just hope you can FEEL this and KNOW this - is all I could ask. To grow to be strong and a confident man you will be and when expierence heartbreak remember - theres plenty fish in the sea.

Be patient my son and always hold your head high... even when your feeling down just reach for the sky! And when you get older and its time to start school... remember you dont have to be super cool to really be cool

Remember everyone needs to be who they want to be... and one will be different from you and so different from me. Just know that time can heal just about everything. To "go for the gold" and things that make your heart sing!

teach yourself things and always leave room to grow... move around and travel places - rain, sleet or snow that they'll always be things - sex, drugs, rock & roll... but that love is the only one that will make your heart whole.

Hold family dear - they are a part of you but make new family too - branch outside of you. Hold every imperfection you can find very close to you for those are they best parts - their perfections! Its what makes you, YOU!

To ground yourself and dig deep - meditation is key... become one with the universe the reason you came to be. Know that there's a bigger picture than all of us, and that we are all here and each given a purpose.

To love, respect and live harmoniously... love your neighbor, be a friend and travel endlessly! That's its okay to cry - feel your feelings all you need. That the unattractive in life is really ignorance and greed

A gem I want you to remember and know above all... is that your my baby whether you rise, slip or fall. That no matter what you can say, mean or do... you have me, your momma - who will always love you!

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