Love? by: BTS 4 life

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Love...what is it??

Love? by: BTS 4 life

what is love?

is love something you give or something you feel

Is love a sacrifice for something or someone you care about

If so then why does it hurt so much and yet everyone yearns for it

Is it fair to say that love is udderly painful

Why is it that love hurts yet we can't get enough of it

Why do you go out of your way for love just to get hurt in the end?

Yes love hurts but it's the chance that counts.

Its the feeling of not being alone that really matters.

Because without a doubt love is human nature.

without it ever single one of us would feel to lonely to go on.

Be thankful every day that such a wonderful and powerful emotion exists.

Be thankful that the simple saying as "I love you" exists.

so the next time you can

call or tell a loved one "I love you"

It will not only make you feel great

but also the person your talking to

It will make them feel as though someone is thinking about them

after all life is short

you should make the most of it while you sill can

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