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by katrinaquick

The ease of it all

Sipping potions under the heat of the rays, sunglasses and straws with fruit shapes, we drank and smoked and watched the sun begin to slip away, laughing with the ease of it all.

The sun shone on

I began to feel strange, spiralling into my own silence, and I tried to keep it together as the rest of our created world laughed and drank and smoked. I hoped it would pass

Someone saw my silence

A friend of mine asked me what was wrong and I explained, he listened with patience and a deep understanding that I have not experienced before. I was so grateful, I wanted to cry with relief

I began to feel better

I cheered up, started speaking to people and began to feel more like myself. I danced and laughed and sipped potions under the stars and I realised I am the luckiest person on Earth

Sometimes all you need is someone to understand

By asking what was wrong and explaining that I was not alone in that way, I was able to pull myself out of my own brain. If we all try to be the person that understands, we can help others.

Where the next party at then?

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