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katrinaquick Words are everything to me
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1 year

by katrinaquick

I was lost

I spluttered at the movement of day to day life, spending my time escaping with those who specialised in finding the right potions to take you wherever you needed to go, far far away.

I became more alone

I couldn't look at my own reflection, and I lost the one I loved because I knew I had to face the demons inside my mind, before they got him too, the water rose and rose.

I told the people I loved

As the words fell from my mouth I felt the water begin to drain and I knew I was no longer going to drown. Depression was no longer a battle I had to fight alone. I began to get help.

Colour returned to my life

The colour began returning to my life. I could appreciate the green of the grass and the different shades of yellow on the flowers by the windowsill. I was no longer living in a black prison.

One year on, things are better than ever

A year after my breakdown, I feel better than I can ever remember feeling. The freedom of a functioning brain is allowing me the room to breath, and achieve things I never thought I could do.

Here's to the rest of my life

Although mental health is something I will have to manage for the rest of my life, I know how to manage it now and am feeling better than ever. Here's to enjoying the rest of my life!

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