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Roses are red and violets are blue...

Flower Garden

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Hope here has long ended

And your end is coming due

As buttercups are yellow

And dahlias bright white

I tried my best to help you

But you were always right

Clovers pink as quartz

With daphne's toxic green

The endless wheel, it spun and spun

No end to be seen

Bleeding hearts are rose

And daisies are so bright

You made me suffer through this

More than I could write

The irises are rotting

Inside my backyard

My soul is crying out to you

But you just left me scarred

Lastly lilies' colours

Vary shades and form

I looked at them quite closely

My spirit being torn


In the end it doesn't matter

I took my gifts from you

Roses will stay red.

And violets stay blue.

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