I'll meet you there
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katiesherwood Community member
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The days after losing my first love.

I'll meet you there

I stroked the baby's face like you stroked mine

I held her tight like I wish you could hold me,

Like you did the last time I saw you living.

I'd do anything to have you warm again.

Why can't they take you out of that freezer?

You used to be so warm and soft.

Your body cradled me like one else's could and we both knew that.

You were in my heart and I was in yours forever, but where am I now if your heart is no longer beating?

Where are you?

I know you must be somewhere else, but I can't bear you not being on this earth anymore

I'd rather you be here hating me, cursing me, than not at all

Can we take the love you had for me as a person to bring you back?

You don't have to love me or like me or be my friend, but you have to breathe again.

You just have to.

My soul feels empty because it's supposed to be wherever yours is.

I want to meet you again, but I don't know if I can wait 50 years.

Wherever you are, I promise I'll meet you.

I promise I'll meet you there.

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