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The world changed then I saw her.

My imagined story based on the guy who sent a drone to ask out a girl he saw on a rooftop. Shoul I write from the girl's POV next?

Shoot My Shot

The world changed one day.

Outside my house, it was a warzone. Hugs and kisses became deadly and people were forced apart.

On a Sunday afternoon, I saw you sitting on your rooftop, looking up at the colors across the sky. I wondered if you were waiting for the sunset just like me.

On Monday, I saw you dancing and when you turned around, you saw me. I waved, and you waved back at me.

On Tuesday, you were laughing with someone on the phone. I wanted to know if you had a boyfriend.

I wanted to meet you, get to know you and see where this could lead to.

I didn' want to let another day pass by. I was afraid I won't see you on your rooftop one day.

On a Wednesday afternoon, I flew my drone from my rooftop to yours, and I saw you found my note.

"Hi, my name is Ben. I'm the guy on the rooftop across your building. Would you like to talk have a cup of coffee over Zoom one of these days?"

At last, I got to shoot my shot.

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