On the edge
On the edge summer-horror stories

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She's hanging on for dear life!

On the edge

His breath aged on her summer-kissed skin. She had no idea what to do, where to run, or if she'd make it out alive. With blood-stained hands, she latched onto a cold metal pole.

Feeling as if the world was spinning, she looked up to see an open hatch. Her blood stained the, once pale white, hatch.

She listened, to see if someone had come for her, but all she could hear is the symphony of her own heartbeat.

On the wall, there was a painted picture, when at this moment, she realizes where she is. She has been left for dead like the rest of his victims. Only, she has faith she'll make it out alive.

The open hatch reveals a galaxy, sprinkled with pale yellow dots. Moments later, her vision begins to fade upon the night sky.

As she's awakened by the morning sky, she remembers a tone her dad used to sing to her. Tears flood her eyes, while she's losing hope. A strange, but familiar, voice fills the open void.

"I saved you for last. I wanted you to feel the most pain, just like you did to me. I killed a bunch of people, over you. You should've got the memo by now, LEAVE!"

(Mikayla sits up)

"There's no point now. You're too weak. The latch was open, but you didn't even try to get out." (Jace giggles with disappointment)

"I know things ended bad Jace. But you don't have to do this. Things could end here, I won't tell. You were once the love of my life. Run or kill yourself.

Do something but I want to live! (Mikayla cries in both pain and fear)

"Let me make this clear Mikayla. What I did last night, is what you deserve. Those other 'innocent' people, was just practice for now.

(chuckles with pure delight) Here's what's about to happen: I make you go bye-bye, I go bye-bye."

"No!... Jace, pleas-"


"(Mikayla gets up to check for Jace's pulse) No, Jace... It didn't have to end like this. I know I suggested it!..."

"(Police officer yells:) Ma'am, don't move. You're hurt, medical professionals are here to help! (Police officer climbs in the hatch) Come on! He's dead. (Pulls Mikayla from the hatch)"

"(Mikayla in disbelief) I...I'm alive?"

"(EMT) Yes, the summer killer didn't finish his job. Let's keep it that way."

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