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katielikegluePrincess of Awkward
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My attempt at actually writing something

To Jimmy

by katielikeglue

You make me feel like I'm floating into space without a spacesuit.

Or sinking in a bottomless sea, a sea the color of your eyes

If only Cupid would target practice somewhere else, and stop pestering me.

But it looks like I'm already shot, straight through the heart, I envy

All the other girls you blow through, who all get to taste your cigarette breath.

I thought people could only haunt you in death.

You've proven that so wrong.

I think I see your face in the crowd, and my world lights up like a lightning strike.

You are a storm, so beautiful but war-like at the same time.

If you're a storm then I'm a storm chaser, willing to take the risk of running after you.

I'll chase you forever.

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