18 years Old
18 years Old stories

katiedeloria11Community member
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I wrote this the night before my 18th birthday.

18 years Old

by katiedeloria11

It's 10:59 pm Tomorrow I'll be 18 Tomorrow I'll be 18

There's tears running down my face It's been a long time since I felt this way I'll be 18.. I'll be..

The world is blurred by my thoughts It's too much 18

The world gets smaller with each minute It's 11:01 18 years old

I'm so young and I know it I'm no longer young and I know that too I'm in between life stages

I'm neither one or the other I'm something lost in the middle Something I don't know how to be

Why am I crying? I'm going to be 18 I'll be..

11:03 the time keeps moving Soon I'll be 18

I could still die Maybe I won't make it Maybe I'll never be 18

I'm going to die I can feel it coming Clawing it's way to me, death isn't subtle

The longer I wait for it The more I fear it I'm going to be 18

They say the good die young But they just didn't have time to turn bad They didn't know death was coming

Everyone dies young 200 years wouldn't be long enough for me 100, 99, 98, 18

I'm going to be 18 I should be so happy Why am I crying?

11:07 11:08 :09

I looked in the mirror and I saw a stranger She wasn't alive She was a skeleton

She was a zombie She was a ghost She was in tears

11:12 Time crawls by And yet speeds so quickly along

Time is a man made concept God is a man made concept Life is a man made concept

Why am I here? If other animals are content, It's because they lack humanity

Humanity gives you ambition Humanity gives you dreams Humanity gives you knowledge

Life doesn't give you enough time Life doesn't give you enough time Humanity let's you know you don't have time

11:15 Why am I writing this? Who could I mail it to?

Who would care? Why am I crying? Why am I here?

11:18 The tears are slowing down I'm going to be 18

11:25 the anticipation is getting me I wish I had someone to kiss me at midnight

11:36 My stomach hurts I haven't eaten since noon

11:43 Should I go to sleep? Would I rather feel the shift or avoid it?

Could I fall asleep that fast? Would there even be a shift? Do I want there to be?

11:55 My eyes are heavy and my phone is dying I want to watch the day end

11:56 I'm worried I'll feel different I'm worried I'll feel the same

11:59 Soon I'll be 18 Why am I crying?

12:00 am April 13, 2016 Happy birthday to me

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