Hinata x Reader [senpai pt1]
Hinata x Reader [senpai pt1] feelings stories

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Hinata x Reader [senpai pt1]

When you were in middle school, you vaguely remember a guy sneaking in the volleyball gym.

When you were in middle school, you vaguely remember a guy sneaking in the volleyball gym. At first you thought he was there because, you know, maybe he likes someone from the girls’ volleyball club that you were in.

But it didn't seem like the case. He would go to the gym by the time your club ended the practice and he would stay there at the corner when the girls’ volleyball club is in the court.

You ignored him. He was short to play Volleyball unless he's playing libero. But you should have known better than to judge someone by their appearance.

Because one day, as you were walking outside the gym after your afternoon practice, you saw the same guy near the field with his friend. That was when you saw him jump for the first time.

“Woah, he's flying," you said, as you watch him spike the free ball that his friend tossed to him. "I wonder how long he can fight in mid-air battles with that height of his."

After that, you found out he is your junior. Frankly, you started off school earlier so you are the youngest amongst your peers. But that didn't allow you to fade away in the background.

You have always been playing volleyball since you were a kid, after witnessing your brother play for so long you asked him to teach you as well. And you were pretty good at it. He always told you, hardwork always beat talent when talent doesn't work hard.

But that kid, you thought, he has them both.

But that kid, you thought, he has them both. Except for one thing.

"We don't have a boys’ volleyball club, right?" You asked your teammates one time during break. "Nope, why?" One of your teammates asked before they looked at you suspiciously.

"Hey Y/N, by any chance, are you attracted to guys who play volleyball? We do have a boys’ basketball club though." "H-Huh?! What are you talking about? No way!" From your peripheral vision, you saw him again.

That kid, all by himself with a volley ball as his companion. You just couldn't take your eyes off him. He has all it takes to become a great Volleyball player but he can't play all by himself.

It's like looking at a coal, something that if you polished well enough would turn into diamond. And you can't wait to see how he would turn into one.

"Let's go, Y/N. Practice is over. I wanna grab some bite I'm starving!" One of your teammates said once practice was over. "No thanks, I need to take care of something," you said with a smile and they asked you again to make sure but your answer was the same.

Once the girls all left the gym, you saw the kid running up to the court. He looks way happy, you thought. Like a small ball of sunshine.

"Hey kid!" You said, startling him as he dropped the ball and it bounced towards you as you bend and took it. "You're in the girls’ volleyball club right?" He said, averting his gaze and you noticed a small tint of red on his cheeks that you couldn't help but laugh.

"Don't worry, I won't tell them that you're using the court." "T-Thanks, Senpai?" He wasn't sure if he can call you senpai, but it's not like you mind being called one at all. Though you think you two are the same age.

"Wanna hit some tosses?" You asked and you saw how his eyes practically shine. Actually he is practically shining that you were almost blinded. "Really Senpai! You're gonna toss to me?! Really?! You can't back out now!" "Yes, yes!" You said, throwing him the ball as you positioned yourself near the net.

That's how you met Hinata Shouyo. It may be a short time, but for those fleeting times you spend with him, it looks like he is the happiest when you toss the ball for him to spike.

You never knew how much he wished that he is not a year younger than you.

You never knew how much he wished that he is not a year younger than you. How much he hoped that he can spend more time playing Volleyball with you.

But then,

But then, he also knew,

You are a lady and he is just a boy.

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