The Heart of The Forest
The Heart of The Forest recovery stories

kateri Katherine L.L
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she was lost, and found life

The Heart of The Forest

He always dreamed of the waters that were endless, lands that couldn't be seen. He always moved with his head up high, his arms ready to fight.

We were together, in the garden of paradise, each breathe, breathed with intent.

“It was a dream, when we were lost in the forest, a dream I wish I could catch again”

She stood away from him, humbly she listened her eyes looking upon the man she once loved.

“I want to go back, You and I, lost” He whispered, hoping she would jump into his arms again .

Her face with no expression, she stepped closer to him, looking at his hands, the same ones that once held so tight. She looked up toward the eyes she once lived for.

Smiling so humbly, remembering how he loved her once so tenderly.

Taking small steps toward him, she gracefully placed her hand upon his hand, than rested her lips on his cheek. She stepped back, still smiling.

“It was a nice dream to catch” she said almost whispering, it fell from her lip.

“I am going back, I cannot live in this society, the forest and the waters is my life now”

She didn't respond in words, but the simple gestures of her smile, the light and life in her eyes that gave everything she felt for him away.

“they call you, not me, John Smith”

Slowly she stepped back even more, smiling, she retreated.

John Smith stood there, Watching the one and only one he loved walk away, her hair tied up, her dress so long, it flew as she started to run.

For as she got farther away from him, a veil of pity, regret fell off her, and she was finally free from the veil of guilt.

She ran smiling, finding her self catching up, she reached for his arm, placing her cheek upon his forearm.

“Let us be free now”

She whispered toward the man she loves.

“Let us go back, go back home” John Rolfe spoke, wrapping his arms around Pocahontas.

Life loved her, a lover to her, a helper, she was the heart of life, the heart of the forest.

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