Rose Petals
Rose Petals  sorrow stories

kateri Katherine L.L
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A love story
simple and true
started off with a marriage
than a miscarriage
a reassign into duty
another one on the way
when he got the chance to hold his baby
his wife was already gone.

Rose Petals

It was the morning of our wedding, I just cried over the toilet, for I was to marry the one and only women, I love, my one true love.

I have to be honest I did see a glance of her, she was running through the back of the church, her dress was the whitest.

It was our wedding that day, too many people some I haven't seen in years. So much noise.

But I will remember always, her hair was so stiff, her lips not her natural color, she did smell of rose petals, her necklace made her skin a bit more red.

There was one lose strain of hair that landed right in the middle of her forehead, it was the rebel against the hairspray.

Her fingers were a bit swollen, it was because she was nervous, but still she was so beautiful, when it was her turn to say "I do"...everyone disappeared

everyone vanished

it was I and her

alone finally

confessing our love.

For I love her.

The honey moon, oh how she woke up crazy, her hair was everywhere, she would always sit and than lie back down in bed. She would always brush her teeth with one hand, swaying as if music played.

She loved to sit by the window, I caught her so many times sitting and staring off into the world, sometimes she would be so awe struck her mouth would drop open.

I always wondered what she was thinking.

We got back, the days seem darker, the days shorter. I never saw her in bed with me, I would wake up and she was gone. I missed waking up to see my one and only love.

We than grew distant, I always wish we didn't than, but that is life.

I woke to her one day, her hair was crazy, the smell of rose petals, the drool stains ran down her lips.

Yet she was as beautiful as the moment she said "I do"

We were having a baby, all I could do was hold her in my arms.

We would sometimes sit just starring at the ever growing belly

and when she was sleeping I would whisper to the baby about the baby's mother.

How she was so special

and tell the baby all her bad habits

and why I loved her.

We lost the baby

it was dark outside, there was blood.

She was suppose to cry but when we got to the hospital she sat there

she didn't say anything

she sat starring off into the world, with a sense of sorrow.

I didn't know how to hold her, I didn't know what to say, so I didn't say or do anything.

I still loved her.

I reassigned, it sucked the routine of war, but it was routine. I saw her mopping, watching tv, and the lingering pain, a sorrow no one could take away from a mother.

We named the baby, hoping it was a boy.

I was doing a routine check, and a rose bush was beside me, closing my eyes for a moment, I saw her laying beside me, her hair crazy, the drool stain, and the lingering scent of roses.

Oh how I missed her than. My heart almost broke.

I was officially a father, I was already, but I had a chance to meet our baby.

I missed her everyday, every time I thought of her the scent of roses would appear. But every day I thought of her, and the her big belly, and the child I would hold.

I got a special pass that day, to see her, to hold my child, to kiss my wife. Not once have I ever thought I could ever regret my choice of coming home.

How much I wish my love could cure everything in this world, but I guess saying good bye to my one and only, I knew she was leaving so she could make a home for her and I to one day live in.

I love you....Rose

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