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kateri Katherine L.L
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Time transforms, relationships change, and people do too.


At peace, my heart was finally "okay"

Still abiding moments, insufficient moments of you now.

Time, distance always seem to come between us all, especially you and I.

Every time I noticed you

Distinguishing you from the rest

My heart leapt from each side.

My brain would re live all those moments past.

My face would blush, makeup couldn't hide.

Remember the day I knew I fell?

Well I am the only one I guess.

Do you remember when you said you would only fall in love with skinny girls?

Yeah , that broke my heart,

even my broken heart fell for you.

Seeing you hold hands with girls you didn't like,

dreaming for that moment as mine.

When I told you I couldn't be friends.

You yelled, mad, you asked everyone "why?"

You told me it was fine

but lies filled that "fine"

Remember when you held me so tight?

Your chin against my neck

Your lips touching my cheek

when your fingers creased my lips.

Every time you entered the room,

my heart flapped.

You would always talk to me

pretending you didn't see the butterflies in our stomachs together.

When you would tell every boy that I was "yours"

I guess my mind made sense, my heart didn't

Ignoring was easy, anger came easier.

You would try to grow with me

when you said you would "try", you ignored.

I guess it finally made sense in my heart, a little bit.

You didn't say anything, but I said "the end"

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