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kateri Katherine L.L
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A love that was a discovery for the best of one person...


I don't remember the grass so grey, the leaves so dead.

The water frozen.

I guess I remember

Warm winds, flowers dancing in the fields, rivers prancing as they went.

Green grass swaying

I don't remember sad faces

hands that couldn't stop shaking.

Tears or frowns

I guess I remember

smiles, and giggles

holding hands, and kisses

jokes, and butterflies.

I don't remember a moment lasting so long. A moment that seems endless

Unspoken arguments

Lasting burns, and scars

I guess I remember

A moment so irresistible that it ended so fast

Words that seemed to always carry bliss.

Blessing, comfort, even contentment

I don't remember seeing so pale

wrinkles around your mouth

seeing the contradictory in all your features.

Frowning was never a habit.

I guess I remember

Smiling was instinct

Holding my hand was a must.

Admiring my eyes was your world.

"I do care for you, but I don't know. I think I think too much" He muttered

"It's okay, I think I did once too. Now I know what I am, what I am not" she declared.

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