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kateri Katherine L.L
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A story, that didn't work out, but still learning to love and care, after.


Catching his glaze from across the room

Waiting in anticipation

His eyes slowly raising to mine

He would call me "fun"

gifting me compliments

Giggling at his jokes

one of the qualities I fell for

intelligence I never saw before

Sitting together

Talking was as easy, thoughtless as breathing

Laughing was much easier

We would talk for a long time

even longer if we could.

Walking toward the door to leave

You stopped

Grabbing my hand, your warm hand held on.

That was the moment I knew I fell

Dancing in a field, the yellow moon shone upon us.

You twirled me around,

only the faint sound of music, the laughs, humming a tune we didn't know made up for the silence

Embracing me, I thought you wouldn't let go.

Nervous and cold

You asked if I could marry you.

Scared of love, I said "no"

My heart was saying "yes"

Seeing you again

too nervous you would be charming enough

my heart would fly away with you.

I will truly honestly love, respect him

for the rest of my life.

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