A Thief
A Thief  king stories

kateri Katherine L.L
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A poem based upon the new movie called "Outlaw King." It was so good, so I thought I would write about it.

A Thief

He married me, scared that wedding night, holding my breath.

We sat beside each other, his lips were soft, I felt his beard.

He whispered into my ear "Goodnight"

He would shout, words filling the men minds with courage.

King, was his inspiration.

Love was the other.

A girl dressed in white

giggles loud, so clear.

He would dream of his little heart.

His little child running through the fields.

Men laid dead, some missing.

I learned to love, protecting him at all costs.

They told me to forget him.

Telling me to say "no" toward the man I loved.

They sent me to a prison above the lake.

Weeping loudly.

Screaming for him.

I knew he would come to me,

or I would come to him.

Every man dead.

Sun still rising.

Seeing him across the lake,

he stood waiting.

He was a king to the men,

leader to the country ,

a thief to my heart,

A King to many.

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