Brown Eyes
Brown Eyes cheesy stories
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A romanticization of brown eyes

Brown Eyes

Your eyes are everything.

The bronze of glistening armor.

The deep black of coffee in the early morning.

The mysteries of the universe itself.

Honey into tea, so very sweet.

The logs on a crackling fire.

Melted chocolate, melting my heart.

The glisten of a lucky penny, newly found.

The gleam of a polished sword hilt.

The night sky, full of stars and wonder.

They are the feeling of being home.

They are loud, infectious laughter.

Flecks of the brightest gold.

They are the warmth of hugs.

They are the passion that drives armies.

They are the glow of a candle and the darkness around it.

The ink words of love letters you write.

The promise of an adventure.

They are a leather bound book- soft, beautiful.

The sweetness of kisses and giggles.

The Earth that helps everything grow.

The ancient mountains that challenge the sky.

The forest in autumn.

Cinnamon and brown sugar.

The plush of a cherished toy.

The energetic bubbles of Coke.

Molasses and maple syrup.

You have the eyes

That built the wonders of history.

But I hope to find

My future in your eyes, as well.

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