Transcendent Turmoil
Transcendent Turmoil change stories

kateginley "I want you to always be you."
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Based on the prompt: Pondering About Life. This poem represents a pivotal moment in my life where I had to change in order to survive the situation which I believe is relatable for some. This poem is dedicated to the wonderful founder, Sydney Liu, as an apology for not being on this awesome site in awhile. Enjoy! :)

Transcendent Turmoil

by kateginley

Would you consider your friends loyal?

Could your friendship test against the authority royal?

If so, good for you.

Everyone I've depended on has fallen through.

You want to know how? It's not a pretty story.

In fact, its actually an allegory.

You should know, I'm afraid of the dark.

So, of course, this ignited the spark.

I had a best friend, but they all leave in the end.

She left me in the forest on my own, laughing from her sheltered throne.

She wanted so much more that what I could offer.

My soul was lost to the night, for she used that as proffer.

Cue my Existential Crisis.

I'd never known pain like this.

Yet, unexpectedly, the darkness took me by my arm.

It led me home and out of harm.

No one goes unchanged after being helped by the dark.

So I shut off the unfeeling light and made my own mark.

Instead of pondering on my existence, I put distance-

Between the girl that I was and the adult I am now, because I did not care for the past anyhow.

And so, I changed into someone I had always been and yet,

This girl with a watery smile and stormy eyes-I had already met.

I do not question life anymore, since I know it will uncoil.

Therefore, I call this experience my Transcendent Turmoil.

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