What it's like to be a cutter
What it's like to be a cutter suicide stories
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kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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Cutting is never worth it !!!

What it's like to be a cutter

by kassaundrachur1

If you have never cut you probably won't understand

Being a cutter is hard as hell.

You have to avoid shorts and dresses

You can't go swimming or wear a short sleeve shirts

You will be judged by so many people for the scars it gives

You. People don't understand how much it takes to physically

Take a blade to your skin

You cut to feel something and release everything

You don't have a life anymore because cutting is your life

Cutting will ruin your life forever

Unless you can recover with proper help

As for me I can't recover

Cutting has damaged me and ruined my life

Please NEVER make that first cut or scratch

I never thought one little cut would end in this

But it did and I wish I never made that first cut

Please trust me ITS NOT WORTH IT!!!!

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