War inside my head
War inside my head  self harm stories

kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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Sorry guys that I haven't been on lately I've been going through some pretty intense shit and i was sick for a while but I'm back now . Hopefully for good. Just wrote this one this morning on the spot . Sorry if the rhyme scheme isn't the best it is what it is remember I love you all you guys can add me on Snapchat at kasscjewel1 or on Twitter with kassaundrachur1 or on facebook with kassaundra Churchman or even email me at kasscjewel1 @gmail.com

War inside my head

I'm tired of this war in my head

My mind makes me think I'd be better of dead

Nobody would miss me not my mom or dad

Nobody would notice that I've been dead inside for years

I don't see what the point of living is anymore

Why can't I just shut this door to my past

It haunts me everyday I can't do this

Why should I have to keep fighting for a life I don't want to live?

To give up would me a dream come true to me .

The thoughts in my head are crushing my will to live

They are closing in on my last piece of hope and strength and beginning to crush it

Don't know how to stop it besides to end it all

Life is so much pain and confusion I just want to be at peace

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