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kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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Often times we have so many thoughts going through our heads, we don't know what to do or how to deal with them. This poem is basically to anyone going through a rough time, remember YOU ARE LOVED AND YOU HAVE MEANING HERE ON EARTH AND IN OUR HEARTS. I may not know who you are but I do know what it's like to have many bad thoughts and I know how it is to have depression , and mental disorders I'm always here for you no matter who you are or where u come from I'm here! Email me if you need ANY help with ANYTHING


by kassaundrachur1

I'm sitting in a silent room

with nothing but my thoughts to sort through

Which to act on , which to not

Oh what to do with all these menacing thoughts

My friend says one thing

society says another

I say just one cut

My brain says put that blade and skin together

I don't know what to do

My mind is a mess

These thoughts are suffocating

So here is my....

Last breath..🌬

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