The outside
The outside  self harm stories

kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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People never take the few second needed to really lok behind the sheild of happiness and see the mess of pain someone is in. Just dig a little deeper and u never know what you will find.

The outside

by kassaundrachur1

When you look at me what do you see?

Do u see my smile?

Do you hear my ridiculous laugh echoing through the


Do you see my "fashion"

If you only see that then you only have the shielded view

What you don't see is the blood filled wrists

The excuses to not go swimming

The pain in my eyes

How much I want to cry but don't

How hard my life really is

How I feel like the entire world is a wrecking ball

How u don't see all of the scars I've given myself

How the internal scars are so much worse then the

Physical scars. How I don't deserve to be happy

You might realize I always wear long sleeves

But chances are that you don't

Maybe if u just asked "how are you" one time I might

Take the sheild down and be able to let it all out

I might eventually become happy for real.

Maybe you will give me a little bit only hope

And maybe just maybe I can quit cutting everyday

To release all of the pain I'm being drowned by inside

So, do u still like seeing the outside?

Or does the inside scare you? Imagine if you are scared

Just by my description of it imagine living

With it everyday. Just let that sink in..

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