Suicide is
Suicide is self harm stories

kassaundrachur1 Hurt has a Heart in the form of words.
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Depression isn't obvious but suicide is. My pain nobody sees.

Suicide is

Depression isn't obvious but suicide is.

My pain nobody sees.

My my mangled body they shall see.

My head was all but a mess.

Depression overtaking me.

Suicide was to be my bid for freedom.

Because depression isn't obvious but suicide is.

Depression is never obvious even when its staring them in the face.

But now suicide will be obvious how can it not?

Now my life is too much to bear.

Suicide I shall commit.

Now its obvious but its all too late.

October 20, Aubree shot herself in the head and cut her wrists to the vein. I was at homecoming when I got the call. she went into surgery for 24.5 hours with a 2% chance of survival. last night she passed away to suicide! please please check on your "strong" friends. Aubree was one of the strongest people i knew and i didn't even know she was struggling. sorry this isn't worded

very well. i'm in a lot of pain right now. i apologize if i do not post for a few days but please check on your strong friends they may not be as okay as they seem. Aubree was 17. my inbox is always open do not kill yourself. i'm here for u message me and i will listen and try to help to my best abilities

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